Post-Olympic Outdoor Gym Craze Continues to Spread in UK

The effect of the London Summer Olympics has Londoners looking beyond the typical gym for their health and fitness needs.  In fact, the city has installed over eighteen outdoor gyms in the past few yeas!   The Parks and Rec Department say that there’s an “outdoor gym craze” going on and they receive numerous requests each day from residents wanting an outdoor gym in their neighborhood park.  It’s been a challenge for them to find the resources to make it happen but they see the value in providing free exercise equipment and are trying their best to install the equipment in as many parks as they can.

An interesting side note — Strathclyde (a borough of London) Police organised an outdoor gym in an area rife with gang membership and have seen an 8% drop in crime.   At MOMentum, we are hoping to do a similar crime-prevention study to see if more parents exercising in the park makes it a safer public space.

How else do you hypothesize outdoor gyms are impacting the community?

Here are some photos of outdoor gyms in London: