New Sponsor, Healthy Woman Seattle

We’d like to thank our Bitter Lake Reservoir Park sit-up bench sponsor, Amanda Deardorff, Nurse Practitioner and owner of Healthy Woman Seattle.

Ever since Amanda was a little girl, she knew she wanted to serve women.  In her teens as a missionary kid in Romania, she began assisting with births acting as a doula for local moms.  This transformative experience led her to study in the United States to become a certified nurse practitioner and midwife.   After finishing a Master’s Degree, she and her husband moved to Seattle where she recently opened a private practice focused solely on offering a holistic approach to women’s healthcare.

Amanda encourages every woman to find a healthcare provider who values and honors a woman’s story.  “A woman’s story is so important, it helps us dive deep and find the root cause of many health problems as well as the right way to heal”, says Amanda. “Your relationship with your provider should feel like a partnership and they need to spend time listening and helping you reflect on your story.”

Amanda heard about the MOMentum site opening at Bitter Lake Reservoir Park and immediately wanted to get involved.  Many of her patients suffer from anxiety and multiple forms of depression, many of which can be treated, in part, by social interaction and exercise.  Amanda said that “exercise is a part of healing that I don’t specialize in, so I wanted to support a way to support it in my community.”  Amanda also believes that all women deserve equal resources to be healthy and the best kind of care.  “MOMentum offers high-quality fitness equipment in a safe environment for women who would not have the opportunity to exercise otherwise.  MOMentum gives women a way to honor themselves and their families.”

Amanda is accepting new patients in her North Seattle office on Wednesdays and Saturdays and will soon be seeing patients on Fridays in West Seattle.   Please visit her website, Facebook page, or email her to learn more and make an appointment.

Thank you, Amanda!