Love Parks Day

The momentum crew joined the Seattle Parks Foundation at Lincoln Park today to remove invasive plants.
We also welcomed a new person to the momentum team. Meet John Lippe, our new Director of Marketing and Operations!

We hope you had a great time at your local park this weekend. If you’d like to volunteer with momentum, please send us a note through our Contact page.





Fundraising is FUN!

The race is on!

Hi MOMentum friends,

Just wanted to share how things are coming along in the fundraising department for our next MOMentum site at Bitter Lake Reservoir Park.  We are so thankful to Seattle Parks Department for a generation $10,000 donation which will help cover the cost of installation and site prep.  Recently, the Trust for Public Land and Seattle Parks Foundation have joined forces to offer a matching grant for the remaining balance of the park.  Now it’s up to us to raise $10,000 from the community and  Bitter Lake will have exercise equipment this October!

We’ve been working hard to make connections in the city of Shoreline and surrounding areas.  We’ll be featuring these generous individuals and businesses soon.

There are many ways to donate.  Here are a couple of ideas:

1. Become a title sponsor with an $10,000 donation.  In recognition, there will be a bronze plaque and health kiosk named in your honor right next to the equipment.

2. Sponsor a piece of equipment for $2,000.  There will be a plaque inlaid next to your equipment with your dedication engraved upon it.  Give the machine a cheeky name, like “Fiona’s Fierless Free-Runner” or a loving dedication to your children, “For Henry and Josie. You inspire me to be my best self. Love, Mom”.

3. Buy a brick! For $250, buy a brick that will be a part of the pathway around the exercise equipment.  Your name, or two lines of text, will be engraved in the brick.  Host a brick party at your office.

Keeping MOMentum,

Paige, Kelly, and John


MOMentum at Bitter Lake Reservoir Park, arriving fall 2013!

We are so excited to announce that Bitter Lake Reservoir Park will be the next MOMentum sitel!

This park has a special place in our hearts as we’ve been working with the Seattle Parks Foundation and Seattle Parks Department to find a way to make the project happen for over six months.

More about the Bitter Lake Project: MOMentum along with the Trust for Public Land, Seattle Parks Foundation, and the Seattle Parks Department are bringing the next MOMentum fitness facility to Bitter Lake Reservoir.  The outdoor gym will benefit the 3,000 plus residents of the under-served Northwest Seattle community (Linden Ave N and 143rd St, Seattle, WA 98133). 40% of these residents are overweight or obese and obesity is the second leading cause of preventable death in King County, Seattle. The Bitter Lake facility will include 7 Kompan equipment stations, including a Free Runner StationFlex Trainer StationLeg Lift Station and Sit-Up Bench Station (all of these machines were selected by health & wellness professionals, made of galvanized, graffiti-proof steel and conservation-mindful). The total project cost is $31,000 and $21,000 has already been raised by our partners, leaving $10,000 remaining to make our facility a reality.

Stay tuned for more updates as we work hard to raise that last $10,000!

Moms can workout at Bitter Lake Reservoir Park while watching kids play on this playground favorite.


MOMentum Smart Snacks: What 200 Calories Looks Like

Hi hungry mamas,

We know what it’s like to hit the hunger wall; when it’s been hours since the last time you ate and now you are stark-raving starving and will consume anything within arms distance that you can eat with your hands.  Usually this means a cookie, gold fish, or something else full of sugar, salt, or fat.  Maybe you mooch off what your child is eating, which is okay if you’ve planned ahead and prepared healthy snacks for him or her, but that’s not always the case.

The best option is to know what a “smart snack” is, what it looks like, and most importantly — always have it in stock!  We think of smart snacks as foods that deliver high benefits with low liability.  High benefits are nutrition and taste and low liability means low sugar, salt, and bad fats.    Smart snacks give you more bang for your buck.  Moms often need a snack between lunch and dinner and choosing a smart snack around 200 calories will give you energy without ruining your dinner or diet.

Our friends at Wisegeek took photos of food in units of 200 calories.   Having a visual gives a clear perspective and will help train your eye for appropriate snack size.  Snap a pic of 200 calories of your own favorite snacks to keep yourself in check and feel free to share on our Facebook page! Below are a couple options that would make great snacks AND a visual of  the right serving size of chocolate when you need a little sweet treat.

Enjoy and check out more photos at Wisegeek!



Moms First

MOMentum believes that healthy moms raise healthy families.   Just as the safety manual in an airplane instructs parents to put on their own life vest before their child’s, moms need to ensure they are taking care of their own health in order to help their families make healthy choices.

We hope this blog will be a resource for moms to find ideas on how to put their own health first and be an amazing health-role model for her family.

Keeping MOMentum,

Kelly & Paige